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Analysis of a modern English translation of Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" in comparison with the original text has enabled us to make the following three major conclusions.

Firstly, a text created in the Middle English period requires substantial adaptation for the modern reader due to systemic changes which have transformed phonology, vocabulary and grammar of English over the centuries and made an adequate comprehension of a Middle English text problematic without a translator's mediation.

Secondly, there is enough ground to term such adaptation 'translation', as it performs the same function as interlingual translation, i.e. decodes the meaning of the original text in its historic and sociocultural context and communicates it to the modern reader.

Thirdly, transformation of the original text in a diachronic intralingual translation involves changes on all levels: lexical, morphological, syntactical, stylistic and orthographic. Evidently, the complexity of textual transformation depends on the time distance and the historical evolution of the language.


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Sergey Sidorenko. Rewriting Chaucer: some dimensions of Middle English -

Modern English translation

The paper analyses a modern English translation of Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" to determine the major features of the Middle English text which justify diachronic translation and to define the lines along which the translator modernizes the text.

Сергей Сидоренко. «Осовременивание» Чосера: некоторые аспекты перевода среднеанглийского текста на современный английский язык

В статье анализируется перевод «Кентерберийских рассказов» Дж. Чосера на современный английский язык с целью определения основных параметров среднеанглийского текста, обусловливающих необходимость диахронического перевода, и уточнения основных направлений «модернизации» текста оригинала.

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modern english translation - Rewriting chaucer some dimensions of middle english